Composing Poetry on a Spring Outing

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春游賦詩圖; Composing Poetry on a Spring Outing
ink and color on silk
calligraphy; painting
29.5 cm (height) x 302.3 cm (width)
Detailed stylistic analysis corroborates the traditional attribution to Ma Yuan, which offers the intriguing possibility of identifying the subject with a literary gathering in the famous garden of one of Ma Yuan's patron's Zhang Zi 張鎡 (1153-ca.1211). A number of the special features of Zhang's garden - willow, plum blossom, lake, and boat - tally with what is seen in the painting. Poet, painter, official, and accomplished bon vivant, Zhang served as a hub for literary and social activities in Hangzhou at the end of the twelfth century.
Eight seals in total. Three seals of Liang Qingbiao (1620-1691); one of An Qi 91683-ca. 1746); two seals of Hongxiao; one of Liang Gongshi, unidentified; one seal unidentified. An unknown number of colophons followed the painting, but were removed, probably in the 19th century, by an unidentified descendant of the first Prince Yi, Yinxiang (1686-1730).
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Wai-Kam Ho, et al. Eight Dynasties of Chinese Painting. Cleveland: the Cleveland Museum of Art and Indiana University Press, 1980.
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