Fish Swimming Amid Falling Flowers

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落花遊魚圖; Fish Swimming Amid Falling Flowers
Ink and color on silk
26.8 cm (height) x 252.2 cm (width)
This handscroll begins with a blossoming sprig, pink petals have fallen into the water below. A school of slender fish swirl below, revealing a variety of fish and shrimps swimming among water plants. At least ten varieties of fish are represented among which are perch, carp, catfish, bass and minnows, and are presented with a remarkable feeling for swirling movement. The fish are painted, with one or two exceptions, in gray washes with very slight tints of color. The water plants in transparent neutral green that gives the effect of monochrome.
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William K. Bixby Trust for Asian Art
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Saint Louis Art Museum; East Asian Scrolling Paintings
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728 340