Fishermen's Evening Song

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渔舟唱晚图; Fishermen's Evening Song
ink and slight color on silk
calligraphy; painting
48.3 cm (height) x 209.6 cm (width)
Two surviving paintings are here taken to be authentic works from the hands of Xu Daoning. One is the present scroll which answers to all the characteristics of his late style. The other is Desolate Temple amid Autumn Mountains 秋山蕭寺圖 in the Fuji Yurinkan, Kyoto, which is likely a much earlier work. A review of titles of Xu's paintings listed in the Northern Song painting catalog Xuhe huapu 宣和畫譜 (ch. 11) demonstrates this amply, and suggests that the original title might have been something like Anglers at Leisure on an Autumn River or Angling amid Peaks on a Fair Day. The remnant of a seal in the lower left corner has been identified as belonging to Emperor Song Gaozong's 宋高宗 linked seal, Shaoxing 紹興. Comparison of the fragmentary impression with reliable examples preserved on other works leaves no doubt that it is authentic.
25 seals: 1 of Song Gaozong (r. 1127-62); 1 of Ch'en Ting (early 17th century); 12 of Keng Chao-chung (1640-1686); 3 of An Yuan-chung (active mid-18th century, son of An Chi [1683-ca.1746]); 2 of Hung-hsiao (2nd Prince I, d. 1778); 5 unidentified.
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Wai-Kam Ho, et al. Eight Dynasties of Chinese Painting. Cleveland: the Cleveland Museum of Art and Indiana University Press, 1980.
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