Illustrated Biography of the Holy Man Ippen, scroll 7

Full Title: 
Ippen hijiri-e den; 一遍上人絵伝; Illustrated Biography of the Holy Man Ippen
ink and color on silk
38.2 cm (height)

A set of twelve handscrolls illustrating the life of the holy man Ippen. The production of the set was carried out by Ippen's disciples who witnessed his preaching. English-language annotations are based on the Japanese annotations by Komatsu Shigemi in 'Nihon emaki taisei.'

Section Description: 
Section 1: He carries out religious rituals at Seki Temple 関寺 at Õmi 近江. Section 2: In 1284, Ippen went from Seki Temple to Shaka Temple at Kyõgoku, Shijõ 四条京極, where he promoted Nenbutsu 念仏. Section 3: Ippen built his chapel at Ichiya, a place once Kŭya Shōnin resided. Section 4: In 1284, Ippen left Ichiya and moved to Katsura.
Description Source: 
Nihon emaki taisei; Bekkan. Ippen Shōnin eden. Tokyo: Chūō Kōronsha, Shōwa, 1977.
Image Source: 
Tokyo National Museum, images courtesy DNP Art Communications
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7 174 998