Landscape after Huang Gongwang

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臨大痴山水; Landscape after Huang Gongwang
Ink on paper (frontispiece), ink and color on silk
58.58 cm (height) x 962.98 cm (width)
The artist Lan Ying was one of the most skillful and accomplished artists of the late Ming dynasty, active in Hangzhou, Zhejiang in the first half of the seventeenth century. He was a professional artist who was able to paint in the styles of many great artists of the past. For this reason he won the admiration of contemporary scholars, connoisseurs, and collectors of art. This large handscroll is a mountainous landscape on silk painted with brushes in ink and water-based pigments. Its execution includes features of the brushstrokes, rendering of trees and rocks and texturing of the mountains in the style of Huang Gongwang, one of the four Yuan masters. The Yuan dynasty was a period (in the late thirteenth and fourteenth century) that saw the emergence of artists who worked in distinctly individual styles.
Reproduced with permission from the David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art
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David & Alfred Smart Museum of Art
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