Nomads with a Tribute Horse

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番騎圖卷; Nomads with a Tribute Horse
Ink, color, and gold on silk
27.8 cm (height) x 125.1 cm (length)
The attribution is based on an inscription by an unknown hand at the end of the painting. None of the six horsemen in the Boston scroll wear the typical hairstyle or native Khitan costumes, despite it details the results of a peculiar custom: cutting horses' ears, practiced exclusively by the Khitan. Compositionally this scroll resembles two twelfth-century: Lady Wenji's Return to China in the Jilin Provincial Museuym and Lady Guoguo's Spring Outing in the Liaoning Provincial Museum. In all three works, the spacing and grouping of riders in motion are treated similarly.
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Keith McLeod Fund
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Wu Tung. Tales from the Land of Dragons 1,000 Years of Chinese Painting. Massachusetts: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 1997.
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