Profusion of Flowers

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萬有同春圖卷; Profusion of Flowers
Ink and color on paper
Qian Weicheng(1720-1772) was born in Jiangsu Province. Trained as a Confucian scholar, he ranked first in the palace examination at the age of 25 and hence served as an official in the central government. Compared with his outstanding political career, his engagement in painting was only secondary in his life. Yet during his service in the palace, Qian’s artistic talent came to the notice of Emperor Qianlong, whose appraisal of Qian’ s skill helped him gain the fame as one of the greatest masters of painting in his days. Emperor Qianlong’s fond of Qian’s art is testified by as many as 160 pieces of paintings by Qian in the imperial collections, among which is the painting in our case. Qian was a versatile artist, who excelled in a wide range of subjects, such as landscape, flowers and animals. Includes calligraphy by Zhang Daqian (Chinese calligrapher, 1899-1983).
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Marshall H. Gould Fund
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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston;
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