Summer Mist Along the Lakeshore

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湖莊清夏圖卷; Summer Mist Along the Lakeshore
Ink and color on silk
19.1 cm (height) x 161.3 cm (length)
Zhao Lingrang (active ca. 1070 – 1100) was a member of the imperial family, a descendant of the founder of the Song dynasty Taizu (reigned 960-976), and a high ranking official. He was a collector of painting and calligraphy and according to early records in Xuanhe huapu (Painting Catalog of the Xuanhe-Era, i.e. the catalog of paintings in the Northern Song imperial collection) and in Deng Chun's Hua ji (Painting Continued, a history of painting and painters, preface dated 1167) he was himself skilled in calligraphy, the depiction of so-called intimate scenery (xiao jing ) of river views and hills, and paintings of bamboo. Other textual sources impart that his paintings were appreciated both at court, e.g. by emperor Zhezong (reigned 1068-1086), and in literati circles as suggested in poems composed in praise of Zhao's paintings by the scholar-official and poet Huang Tingjian (1045-1105).
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