Twelve Views of Landscape

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山水十二景; Twelve Views of Landscape
ink on silk
28 cm (height) x 230.5 cm (width)
The present composition of four scenes originally formed the second half of a longer scroll, totaling twelve captioned scenes in all, known in Ming and Qing dynasty records. The entire composition of this painting is preserved in two copies, both of uncertain date. The older of the two, in a private collection in Taipei, bears the title Ten Thousand Li of the Yangzi River. The style of the writing, together with other external evidence, provide ample grounds for viewing the captions as examples of Empress Yang's mature calligraphy.
Artist's signature: Painted by your servitor Xia Gui. 9 colophons and 43 seals. Four captions, possibly by Empress Yang (1162-1232), are inscribed on the painting: Like writing are the wild geese over distant mountains, a ferry returns to the misty village, pure serenity of the fisherman's flute, and evening moorage by a misty bank.
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Missouri Purchase: Nelson Trust
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Wai-Kam Ho, et al. Eight Dynasties of Chinese Painting. Cleveland: the Cleveland Museum of Art and Indiana University Press, 1980.
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