The Wangchuan Villa, Rubbing

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王維輞川圖拓; The Wangchuan Villa, Rubbing
Ink rubbings taken from engraved stones
12.5 in (height) x 325 in (length)
This rubbing is a stone carving (patronized by Shen Guohua) of a painting by Guo Shiyuan modeled on a copy made by Guo Zongshu of Wang Wei's painting of his Wangchuan Villa. The rubbing consists of twenty scenes with cartouches bearing their respective names. The twenty scenes of the rubbing, however, do not correspond exactly to the twenty sites eulogized in Wang’s poems. The rubbing adds a few more sites while leaving out others, and its sequence differs from that of the poem. The discrepancies between the text and its visual counterpart were noted by collectors and scholars throughout past centuries, however no sufficient explanation has been proposed. Many versions of Wang Wei's painting may have been transmitted down through the centuries.
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University of Chicago East Asian Library; East Asian Scrolling Paintings
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